Marquette places a value on autonomy and accountability in the workplace. As businessmen and business women, each of us has a primary responsibility to deliver above market financial returns while adhering to Marquette's Core Values and delivering legendary customer service to employees, residents, vendors and owners.

Property Managers are viewed as business owners. Marquette property managers are responsible for developing staff members into an authentic team that operates the property, delivers legendary customer service and enhances the property's value.

Property Accountants are responsible for providing the entire staff and ownership with the necessary tools to make wise business and economic decisions. Property accountants maintain all financial records and systems in a timely and accurate manner and they make sound recommendations based on analysis, review and cross company research.

Service Managers are responsible for developing the maintenance and housekeeping staff to enhance the property's physical curb appeal. Service managers are also responsible for providing ongoing maintenance while providing residents an extraordinary living experience.

Leasing Consultants are responsible for maintaining occupancy at the property while providing legendary customer service to residents, prospective residents, employees, vendors and ownership while and adhering to all leasing related systems.

Maintenance Technicians and Housekeepers are responsible for providing an aesthetically beautiful and trouble free lifestyle to residents with an unparalleled attention to detail and consistent systems innovation.

Each Marquette employee plays a vital role in the day to day operations of the property. Marquette employees understand that we are able to achieve more together than alone. This synergistic approach to property management makes Marquette the best place to live, work and invest.