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If you’ve been looking to jumpstart your career and attempting to find a rewarding position filled with excitement and regular opportunities for growth, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll quickly notice that we offer a positive working environment and stick to our core values each and every day. We have dozens of open apartment management jobs across our portfolio. Our employees are the heart of our business, and we would love to have you as part of our growing team!

We also have some of the most competitive benefits packages for property management jobs Michigan, Texas, and Illinois has to offer. Browse through our open positions and if you think you’re a great fit, fill out our convenient online application, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Take the next step toward a rewarding career at Marquette Management. We can’t wait to have you as part of our valued team!

What our crew thinks of us


Reinventing what you want from an employer. Amazing culture and core values. Employee driven and lots of support. Real open door policies with upper management and lots of long term employees.

Great culture! Great management from the top down and they really care for you as a person. Great pay. Marquette should mentor other companies. This world would be a much better place!

A caring and developmental culture is evident in management from the top down. If you work hard and want to contribute and grow you can. The company is centered around providing excellent customer service.

A great open door policy where from day one you feel you can reach out to anyone in the company. Friendly and caring management and executives. Great pay and benefits. Provides all the tools you need to be successful in your job.

Marquette's one of a kind culture and open door policy help to create fulfillment in the workplace. With an exceptionally low employee turnover rate of 25%, Marquette excels in staff retention and boasts an average employee tenure of eight years both onsite and at the corporate level, with many staff members exceeding a 15-year tenure. Marquette values employee fulfillment and development and understands the impact of an engaged and motivated team.

With more than 265 employees led by Jim Cunningham, Chief Operating Officer, this amazing team has developed and managed in excess of 30,000 units throughout the company's history. That number continues to grow with recent acquisitions and developments including Marquette's signature high-rise Catalyst Chicago, a 19 story building in the city's West Loop. Through Marquette's superior lease up strategies, Catalyst opened its doors being 47% pre-leased which was unprecedented in the Chicago market.

Marquette's competitive advantage is grounded in its 32-year track record of success and its reputation for supporting a culture of empowerment, encouraging property managers and regional managers to develop their own business plans and to make autonomous decisions in the best interest of both residents and owners.Understanding the synergy between the Marquette construction services division, the marketing team and the property management team, Marquette's experienced regional managers act as a conductor, bringing everything together in a seamless execution.

Marquette's unique standard of excellence attracts the best and brightest in the property management industry. The result is a value-driven company with an emphasis on quality systems, efficient operations, cutting edge innovations, legendary customer service and a genuine sense of community. The Marquette environment is fueled by growth, creativity, fulfillment and autonomy with an unwavering emphasis on personal and professional development.

Marquette was founded on experience, passion and a commitment to excellence - values which continue to guide the company today. Marquette prides itself on a strong history, dedicated employees and a unique management approach, with a focus on changing people's lives and their expectations for years to come.

Marquette places a value on autonomy and accountability in the workplace. As businessmen and business women, each of us has a primary responsibility to deliver above market financial returns while adhering to Marquette's Core Values and delivering legendary customer service to employees, residents, vendors and owners.

Property Managers are viewed as business owners. Marquette property managers are responsible for developing staff members into an authentic team that operates the property, delivers legendary customer service and enhances the property's value.

Property Accountants are responsible for providing the entire staff and ownership with the necessary tools to make wise business and economic decisions. Property accountants maintain all financial records and systems in a timely and accurate manner and they make sound recommendations based on analysis, review and cross company research.

Service Managers are responsible for developing the maintenance and housekeeping staff to enhance the property's physical curb appeal. Service managers are also responsible for providing ongoing maintenance while providing residents an extraordinary living experience.

Leasing Consultants are responsible for maintaining occupancy at the property while providing legendary customer service to residents, prospective residents, employees, vendors and ownership while and adhering to all leasing related systems.

Maintenance Technicians and Housekeepers are responsible for providing an aesthetically beautiful and trouble free lifestyle to residents with an unparalleled attention to detail and consistent systems innovation.

Each Marquette employee plays a vital role in the day to day operations of the property. Marquette employees understand that we are able to achieve more together than alone. This synergistic approach to property management makes Marquette the best place to live, work and invest.